The day when the mowing crews show up at the neighbors on both sides of my house and spend hours mowing, weed-whacking, and leaf-blowing the yards is the worst day.

Two-cycle engines should be banned, and property owners need to stop expecting the manicured look that requires the blowing away of all the clippings.

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The pandemic isn’t over, even if you’re sick of wearing a mask.

The lucky few to never get coronavirus could teach us more about it | Washington Post:

A majority of Americans have contracted the novel coronavirus since it began to spread in the United States in early 2020, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Experts hope that studying people who have avoided infection may offer clues — perhaps hidden in their genes — that could prevent others from being infected or more effectively treat those who contract the virus.

“What we are looking for is potentially very rare genetic variants with a very big impact on the individual,” said András Spaan, a clinical microbiologist and fellow at the Rockefeller University in New York who is spearheading a search for genetic material responsible for coronavirus resistance.

Or maybe—and I know this will sound crazy, but hear me out—masks, distancing, and other basic precautions are actually pretty effective.

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Local politics + social media = TERRIBLE

If ever there were a day that I was glad not to be looking at Facebook, this would be it:

I can only imagine what a horror show the various town pages and groups are going to turn into over this story.

In general, I find it frustrating and depressing that so much local political conversation takes place on Facebook. I understand why it happens. When we struggle to pay for basic municipal services like public education, water and sewer infrastructure, and garbage removal, it is hard to argue that the town should also be on the hook for hosting and managing an online forum for civic debates. And even if they did, everyone would be on Facebook anyway.

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I have been listening to From Dreams To Dust this morning and I have come to the conclusion that while I like most of their songs, listening to a bunch of them in a row is a bit much to take.
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Republicans will keep going after civil rights because that’s what lots of their voters want.

Don’t worry, I am assured by Alito and his defenders, the overturning of Roe will not put at risk the decisions legalizing same-sex marriage, contraception, and other basic human rights. This decision is just about abortion, they tell me, and then insist that it is entirely about pushing the decision to the states, and there is of course no reason to worry about potential attempts at a nationwide ban on abortion.

Even if I took these claims seriously (and I do not take them seriously), they entirely ignore the electoral pressure on Republicans.

For decades, Republicans have harnessed the Christian right’s hatred of Roe to get votes. Now they are on the cusp of getting that done. A bunch of people have talked about how the GOP is the dog that finally caught the car, with the implication that they have now somehow gotten themselves into a sticky situation and are in trouble as a result. I don’t find this analysis comforting.

Assuming the Court does overturn Roe this summer, Republicans need to find the next issue to demagogue in order to keep the Christian Right angry, activated, and reliably voting Republican. That’s why none of their assurances that contraception, LGTBQ+ rights, and interracial marriage are safe following the Roe decision. They will pick one of these and go after that just like they have gone after abortion access, and they won’t stop there as long as it keeps their voters scared and angry.

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Meat Beat Manifesto – Subliminal Sandwich

I bought this album on CD when it came out, and I still pull it out to listen to every now and then. It is definitely a product of its time, but it is still quite good. It was really hard to find for most of the early 2000s, but now seems to be available on pretty much all of the streaming services, so hooray for the Long Tail, I guess.

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