Amazon is terrible and you should try to reduce your dependence on it.

What We Learned About Amazon’s Warehouse Workers – The New York Times:

But even before the pandemic, previously unreported data shows, Amazon was losing about 3 percent of its hourly associates each week — meaning its turnover was roughly 150 percent a year. At that rate, Amazon had to replace the equivalent of its entire work force roughly every eight months.

I knew Amazon is a terrible place to work, but this number is staggeringly awful. Just unbelievable and crazy.

Yes, their prices tend to be good and it is super-convenient to click the order button and have stuff show up on your doorstep tomorrow. But you should know that every time you click that button, you are grinding the life out of real human beings.

  1. @petebrown My only two links to Amazon would potentially be books (if I can’t find them anywhere else), and Eero which I’ll likely be buying to replace my Airport router as I haven’t found any other good alternatives. I had originally looked at Amplifi but since they’re owned by Ubiquiti, and after the latter’s massive security breach, no thanks.

    I’m closing everything Google with the exception of maybe my YouTube account. I don’t post videos (yet), but I still find myself questioning whether I should try.

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