I really just don’t care anymore how interesting or compelling or important someone’s tweet-thread is. I’m not reading it. It’s not worth the effort to scroll through the endless garbage of replies and retweets to try to figure out the actual chain of what they are trying to say.

There are about a million different options out there for posting stuff that is longer than 280 characters. If people can’t be bothered to put their thoughts into some sort of structured, coherent format because that is too much work, or because it involves too much “friction,” then I am not going to bother to read what they have to say. It is a sign of disrespect for the reader.

  1. @petebrown What you don’t like seeing 400 “Unroll” tweets followed by “Ok, you’re tweet has been unrolled” responses? Drives me nuts. On the other hand, I’m less repelled by Twitter threads than I used to be. Just gotta stop when it gets to 12/12 or whatever.

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