There, New York Times. I fixed it for you.

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I enjoy writing with most of my Pilot pens, but I really wish their converter cartridges held more ink.

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You can’t solve systemic problems with individual actions.

Theory: If otherwise intelligent and thoughtful people are at one another’s throats about which individual actions and choices are the right solution to a problem, that is a pretty good indicator that what you have on your hands is actually a systemic problem that cannot be solved solely by individual actions and choices.
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So I’ve been experimenting with TiddlyWiki…

I finally gave in earlier this week and tried out TiddlyWiki, first as a local install for a few days and then—starting yesterday—as a web-install hosted on Glitch following these instructions from Thomas Elmiger.

I can definitely see the appeal of the tool, but it also feels like a bit of a slippery slope into madness.

Over the last few years, I have come to believe pretty strongly that, for me, the best platform for note-taking and personal writing/journalling is pen and paper. It is the only format I trust to be reliable over time, and I think creating physical artifacts of knowledge/creative work is a vital process. TiddlyWiki is pretty fascinating, but I’m not sure it is a road I want to go too far down, lest I start fracturing personal workflows that I’m pretty happy with.

That’s just me, though. I get that for others, it is more important to have notes be searchable and interlinked.

I guess there is also the possibility of using TiddlyWiki as a public blogging platform and I know people are doing that, but again—more fracturing for me. After flitting around between various CMSs, I have been back on WordPress consistently for the last few years, and I am pretty happy with it. Also, I’m not sure how comfortable I am with taking a piece of software that was designed to be a locally installed personal note-taking tool and shoving it out to the web.

Having said all that, I will probably keep playing with TW for a week or two, just to get a sense of how it works.

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I'm all for discussing plans to mitigate and recover from the current global crisis, but seriously—any plan that does not have “Vote Trump and the Republicans out of power” as Step #1 is dead on arrival.
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@help I’m trying to get logged in on a new laptop, but the email with the sign-in link never arrives in my inbox. Correct email, and I have checked spam folders. What’s up?
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“That's how they get ya! They're under the goddamned ground.”
“What are they?”
“Sons of bitches!”

Ah, Tremors.

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I wonder how long that dead moth had been floating in the mug of coffee I was just drinking from.
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Fortunately, my current job rarely leaves me with the soul-sucking feeling I used to have all the time during my years working for the heartless giant corporation. If it ever does, I guess I can at least be glad I am not the poor soul at Audible who has to read these “Unofficial Minecraft Novels” my kids love listening to.
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