I’m only a few episodes in to the Amazon adaptation of The Boys, but so far, I like it a lot better than the comic.

Then again, I’ve never really liked Ennis’s stuff all that much.

  1. @kaa Of all of his stuff, Preacher is probably the one I dislike the least, although on that one I also prefer the TV version :>

  2. @petebrown I got 2 or 3 episodes in then had to pause a my wife started watching on same Amazon account and messed up my saved point. Now that she has finished (really enjoyed it) I’ll resume. Have to be honest, I’m a bit ‘Marvelled’ out at the moment and was finding this a great antidote with it’s irreverent and ‘other side of the mirror’ take on the superhero story.

  3. @petebrown I like his run on Hellblazer, but I suspect that was because Constantine was already a well-defined character. All Ennis had to add was serious alcoholism.

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