White people dancing

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The tree and the dream tent

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Nice evening

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Holy moly—if you have a chance to go see Charlie Hunter on his current tour, do not stop GO NOW.
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This evening’s tee shirt spotting was a bit disappointing:

  • one Moe shirt
  • one Triumph(!) shirt
  • a guy wearing an Eddie From Ohio shirt (a band I haven’t thought of since the mid-1990s)

I usually expect to see at least one old dude in an NRBQ shirt, but no luck so far. Tomorrow is the big day of the festival, though, so I’m still holding out hope.

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Parsonfield playing at the Green River Festival. These guys are pretty good, and I will be buying their record presently.

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It’s funny how the person who seeks out the chair during the daily stand-up is also the person who consistently drags the meeting out much longer than it needs to be.

NARRATOR: Actually, it wasn’t funny.

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I’m Upset: Your dinner is ruining my movie | The Outline:

There are numerous aspects of the dine-in movie theater experience I find loathsome. To name a few: I hate the way the waiters are relegated to scurrying up and down the aisles like blind mice, walking half-stooped through the rows to avoid blocking the screen. I hate how people who’ve ordered crunchy foods try, and fail, to eat them noiselessly. I hate the whispered exchanges regarding tater tots. I hate the smell of cheeseburgers in the dark.

Whereas traditional movie theaters are expressly designed to pull you in, this stuff inherently yanks you out. I’m not a film snob; I once watched The 400 Blows wine-drunk on a flight to Dubai. But for people who go to the movies to sit in the dark and turn off their phones and forget themselves for a few hours — or even, to, I don’t know, share in the collective fright or delight of the audience — it’s not hard to see how some dude shoveling kale salad into his mouth can become its own brand of spoiler. Nor is it hard to imagine why a movie theater is a genuinely horrible place to enjoy a kale salad.

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I agree with Digby Having worked for a number of different businesses over the course of my life, I am pretty opposed to the notion that government ought to be run like one.
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