I am pretty bought in to Apple’s ecosystem, but I find it hard to get very excited about these big announcement events—this one in particular. Dark Mode seems like a gimmick (it gives me flashbacks to all the weirdos posting their crazy KDE desktops on Linux discussion forums 15 years ago), I have yet to find a justifiable place in my workflow for a tablet, and six grand for a workstation seems ridiculous.

Honestly, I’m pretty happy with my iPhone 8 and my 13″ MacBook Air.

  1. @petebrown I’m not enthused about Dark Mode myself and I love your comparison with overcustomized KDE desktops. But I’m pretty excited about the iPadOS. I’m not going to be using it with a mouse/pointing device but the changes to Files and gestures sound promising and useful.

  2. @petebrown I can see why someone wouldn’t care too much if they don’t use an iPad but I still thought the Apple sign in, single share location, and Voice control (not for me but very cool for the people it is for) were very cool features and advancements.

  3. @petebrown very true. And it sucks when there isn’t too much stuff for yourself. There seem to be a lot of little details here and there (the new volume display for example) but it doesn’t seem as crazy as some past releases. The main crazy stuff seems project catalyst but if you’re an iPhone user, that probably means very little.

  4. Most computing has been commoditized. Gotta keep selling new stuff somehow.
    I can see a use for a $6000 workstation for my video work. I’ll wait for more commoditized or used hardware though.

  5. I know. Not saying it needs to be exciting. As I said to someone else earlier today, this falls into my general category of “Different people like different things.”

  6. All the individual components that are used to create a computer are mostly commoditized. But PC makers try to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts, otherwise, the only way to differentiate one’s self is on price. Boring.

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