I was just dropping my Smith-Corona Super off at the local typewriter shop for a repair—the carriage has stopped advancing after the first few keystrokes—and I’m pretty sure I spotted a Remington Streamliner up on the top shelf. I am concerned that I may end up spending a fair amount of money in that place.


  1. @petebrown Of course they don’t. Now I like them even more. It’s probably good I don’t have a shop near me. I have fewer than a dozen machines and that really is enough. (I tell myself)

  2. @petebrown You guys and your typewriters. I need to keep a level head here. I’ve always wanted an old Hemingwayesque one.

    I have an uncle who collected large equipment like backhoes and graders and tractors and stuff. Now he is 85 and sick. I hope not to have anything to do with getting rid of his stuff when he is gone.

    Typewriters should be a little easie to manage.

  3. @petebrown @jack I did some online research and discovered a real typewriter repairman in my area. He’s one county over but still within my stomping grounds. I need to contact him to see if he has any inventory but more importantly at least I have somewhere to turn for repairs.

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