Here’s an idea:

  1. I receive an unwanted sales call on my phone.
  2. I open an app, which picks up the call.
  3. The app then connects the call to another, simultaneous unwanted sales call received by some other random user of the app.
  4. Both I and the other user are then disconnected from our respective calls.
  5. The callers are then disconnected from the app and left talking to one another in some black hole of endless, unproductive spam calls.

How do we make this happen?

  1. @petebrown IIRC, phone calls are circuit-based, not packet-based so you can’t arbitrarily reconnect them without an intermediary maintaining for entire duration (Unable to disconnect)
    In the not so distant past small companies had to have hardware bridges in telco closet to juggle circuits to provide more extensions than lines.

    In short, you probably can’t disintermediate TELCO with just an app

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