I just finished this book. It’s good. You should read it.

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Last day on the Cape

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For all the reasons Nancy explains here, I think Democrats are right not to be all on about impeachment ahead of the midterms.
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While I have many complaints about the behavior of motorists towards bicycles on the road, among my least favorite behavior is the car or truck that hangs five feet off my left flank and refuses to pass me.
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I’m always nervous about using online booking systems for small/local shops… so many times I have arrived to pick up the thing I had reserved (and for which I have a confirmation email/number), only to be told “Oh, we never look at that,”or to find that no one has checked the printer under the counter that is their only way of receiving notifications of online orders.
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I don’t understand why anyone buys these knives. They are always garbage.

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I know the kids love it, but the worst, most tedious parts of any Harry Potter book are the endless quidditch sequences. The best strategy is to fast-forward though them, just like any song/verse passages in the Lord Of the Rings books.
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We have arrived at the Cape.

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I love this idea. It seems like a much better plan than paying Tesla or whoever to manufacture tons of no -recyclable batteries full of chemicals that will end up in rivers and oceans.
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