You can’t just tell everyone to leave Facebook | The Outline:

These movements also emphasize personal choice and discipline as solutions to systemic problems caused by the profit motivations of large corporations. This may be because it’s is an easier framework for the average person to think about; writing a list about how to use less plastic feels more tangible and immediate than reckoning with the sweeping regulations and incentives needed to really decrease a country’s waste, like Taiwan has.

Similarly, slow tech doesn’t wrestle with this complexity or consider the real impact of technology on different types of users. How admirable is it for Will Ferrell to leave Facebook when he has teams of people managing his career, a net worth of $100 million, and all forms of communication at his disposal, when the average user lacks the same ability to replace Facebook’s services elsewhere?

Keeping up with family and friends is only one small part Facebook activity: Facebook Pages have become a necessity for small businesses, with 80% of small businesses in the US using them in 2016; for many small businesses, it may be their only digital presence.


I’d love to delete Facebook, but I manage three different pages. It’s not an option.

What are small businesses supposed to do instead? Take out ads in the nonexistent local paper? Buy time on the Sinclair- and ClearChannrl-owned TV and radio station that is too busy running Trumpist propaganda to care about the local economy?