The fact that this is my initial experience of a website really says a lot about the state of the modern web.

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Ice skating complete, tomato soup is under way.

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On the topic of journals, I just noticed that Elemental has another run of Iodine journals available. I got one last time around, and liked it—hard to go wrong with Tomoe River paper. My only complaint is that I wish it had an elastic band to hold it closed.
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I am nearly to the end of my current journal—a Baron Fig—and to be honest, I will be glad to be done with it. The paper is way to stiff and scratchy for my liking, and the binding is weird and refuses to lie flat. It is marginally better than a Moleskine, but that is a low bar; I have never understood the appeal of their stuff.

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I am pretty surprised at the amount of vitriol being directed at Sonos for their announcement that they will be ending support for some of the older speakers in their product line-up. I’ve seen people shouting about how Sonos is betraying their customers, but really—they’re ending software updates for a limited set of products that are ten or more years old. That seems fairly reasonable to me.
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I’m sure my neighbor across the street has a good reason for running his snowblower at 7am on a Sunday morning…
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The Myth of Self-Reliance:

Just as I had studiously reproduced the form of the gull without knowing what it was, I saw that I had absorbed from my family and my upbringing a specific brand of individualism, valorizing and transmitting it unknowingly. I’d done this throughout my entire life, but especially in How to Do Nothing. Around my favored versions of contemplative solitude, so similar to Emerson’s, a whole suite of circumstances appeared in full relief, like something coming into focus. The women in the kitchen made the mens’ conversation possible, just as my trip to the mountain—and really all of my time spent walking, observing, and courting the “over-soul”—rested upon a long list of privileges, from the specific (owning a car, having the time), to the general (able-bodied, upper-middle-class, half white and half “model minority,” a walkable neighborhood in a desirable city, and more). There was an entire infrastructure around my experience of freedom, and I’d been so busy chasing it that I hadn’t seen it.

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